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 Faith Keeper
Teacher / Guide / Mentor / Student


In the Native American tradition, at least one member of the tribe assumes the role of "Faith Keeper."

This person's role is to remain at peace, centered in spiritual vision, no matter what events befall the tribe. Even if everyone else in the tribe slips into pain, fear, or dissension, the Faith Keeper is the person the tribe can rely on as a lifeline to the Presence.




I Am A River of Essence Carried by the Surprise of My Own Unfolding


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Nina Louise Patrick
Founder, Milagro World Center
Owner, Wild Raspberry Resale and More
Founder, Conscious Chicagoland
Founder, Sacred Travel Initiative
30 + Years Fortune 1000 Corporate Executive
Former Board Member / Co-President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Dear Friends, and colleagues,

I invite you to journey with me! 


After years of creating websites for various initiatives and projects, friends, and colleagues I realized my own personal website was long overdue. So, here it is!

I retired from corporate America in 2013 and since then have had the honor, delight, and challenge to work side by side with many individuals and organizations of the human and social potential movements. Each has been a gift and instrumental in my journey. One very impactful part of my journey was to work closely with and be mentored by global visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. I lived and traveled with her for a time and to this day her words, her vision and her example greatly influence my work and contributions in the world.


After bringing into form several initiatives and projects and traveling extensively from 2013 to 2019

I now find myself settled in back at home in Highland Park, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago with new and renewed projects and initiatives.

My partner, A. Joseph Rosado and I founded Sacred Travel Initiative in 2014, the Milagro (Miracle) World Center in 2017, and the Milagros de Mundi (Miracles of the World) Foundation in 2020, and also Wild Raspberry, a 7000 square foot eclectic retail resale shop in Grayslake, Illinois that is a project of the Milagro World Center raising consumer awareness around sustainable and thrive-able lifestyles. 

We continue to offer education, events, and retreats that lead to profound personal growth and bring conscious community together for inspiration, nourishment and co-creation. Our small but powerful community of visionary leaders continues to seed another project, Keepers of the Turn as a global conversation, and shared cultural practice for humanity. We are also beginning to share the teachings of Barbara Marx Hubbard as lineage holders. So much yet to be birthed!

I look forward to sharing this space with you!

In love, peace and gratitude for our converging lights,


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Loving Kindness Meditation
It is the Dawn of a New Day

The unfurling of the host of heaven has begun
and we play our part to bring in
the choir of the new
and the blast of a trumpet
where all will be changed.  
We sing of a fury of love and limits broken,
one by one,
two by two,
three by three,
until you can count no more
because a tsunami
of love and kindness and compassion
engulf the earth
and a new song is sung
in supreme unison
that speaks of the wisdom of ages
  unfurled and unloved into creation

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"The universe called us to be together and the work it put before us was accomplished in lightness and love.  

So much laughter, so much fun, and so much in the moment. It  unfolded as it was meant to be every day" 


Darlis Mayes

July 2014 at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury" 

"Nina and Joseph, what you bring to the wholeness of the shift this century cannot be put into words. You have co-created a vehicle for change, Master Change. I am so happy that I have connected to you!"

Rev. Cassandra Martin

February, 2018 Milagro World Center

Thank you for providing the Sunday Service every week. To me this is what Church is. A time to get together and share our profound connection with each other, with nature, with the Divine. You nourish those, like myself, who are in the trenches, day after day, week after week, servicing the community. So grateful for every thing that you do. My Love and Gratitude to you.

Noel Moore

October 2018  Weekly Calling In the Field of the Miraculous

"Blessed be to the Creator for bringing Nina and Joseph to the Planet! What a gift they are

As visionaries, they powerfully hold and express the infinite goodness that is possible for humanity. Whenever the Milagro World Center puts out the call for individuals to gather, they attract participants that create momentum for a collective vision to emerge and evolve. Each person contributes to a master blueprint and more powerful expression in the world individually and collectively.

Erin Dewitt

Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer and Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Conscious Living

October 2017 Milagro World Center

AJR cassandra 10959437_1550587071885216_
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What an amazing place! Our time here was just what we needed. Time with NIna and Joseph has been a great blessing and we are in awe of what will come next for them.


Bob Warner and Noel Marshall


Co-creators Convergence

March 2018 Milagro World Center Chiriqui Highlands, Panama

We were introduced to a multitude of blessings called the Milagro World Center, especially the blessings of who you are.  


David and Thalia Powell

May 2018 Milagro World, Chiriqui Highlands, Panama"

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